Jaydeep Palit

Exploring the World of Uday Shankar Dance Style.

Shri Jaydeep Palit, the artistic director of the academy, “Hritaal Dance Centre” 25yrs back started his dance saga to express the emotions of life through “Uday Shankar Dancing Style” to the world with a sparkling glory. He was introduced to this free movement by the legendary Amala Shankar at Uday Shankar India Culture Centre, Kolkata. Being a Certified Master in the said dance form (from Udayan Kalakendra) from his Guru Smt. Mamata Shankar, with versatile experience in different dances, creates magical productions on stage. In this transient world of dance, his experimental contemporary Indian ballet is highly appreciated as he also improvises new techniques and flavours of Indian classical forms. Participating in uncountable shows in India and abroad, getting constant felicitations, appreciations and awards inspire this self-motivated artist every day to bring something new or more challenging to the world of dance.

Behind Hritaal

To fulfil his keen desire to master various Indian Classical dance forms, Jaydeep completed his initial training in Kathakali Art Form from ‘Udayan’. Later to stylize his movements he has taken further lessons on the same from Late Guru P.Govindan Kutty at ‘Kalamandalam’, Kolkata. Jaydeep has also attended various workshops on contemporary dance styles, the most notable being those conducted by Smt. Amala Shankar, Narendra Sharma and Achhyut Narayan. He has also had basic exposure to the KalariPayattu form of technique conducted by Ranjan Mullaratt of Bangalore. Jaydeep is even exposed to the Kuchipudi form of classical dance by Smt. Vyjyanthi Kashi to be mentioned. Being Experienced in Martha Graham Techniques & Paul Taylor Dance Techniques also; his versatile executions made him a Modern Indian Contemporary Ballet Choreographer on a national and international platform. Jaydeep along with his troupe Hritaal Dance Centre participated in various dance festivals like Uday Shankar Dance Festival (2007, 2008, 2013, 2015-16), Sambhu Bhattacharya Dance Festival, Puri International Beach Festival, Chilka festival, Jaipur festival, World Dance Day Festivals (2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016) etc. Hritaal won the title of the Best Production in the Group Competition organised by Nav Sandhya in association with Lions Club, Kolkata in 2007.

Recently he has been invited with his dance troupe to perform at the festivals of India held at Muscat, Sohar, Sur, Salalah organised by the Ministry of the culture of India and the Indian embassy of Muscat. He has also been invited as a choreographer to celebrate the occasion of the centennial birth anniversary of the founding leader of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman by Bangladesh Shilpa Kala Academy, Dhaka.


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