The concept of “Bansuri” is a Dance-drama enactment of the life of Lord Krishna purely based on Uday Shankar Style. As to everyone, Bansuri symbolises Lord Krishna. The tune of Lord Krishna’s “bansuri” enamoured everyone, so wanted to have such magic through our presentation over the audience. The script was planned as both Krishna Lila and rasa Lila are displayed with their own grace at the perfect demand of the story.

The first scene started with the celebration of the birth of Little Krishna. This eighth avatar of Vishnu has been born in Mathura. Then gradually with growing years, the Putana daman to Kalika daman story goes on. His journey starts with an adored little boy who fought against many dangerous evil powers and saved the lives of his fellow villagers of Gokul. Then he transforms into the mischievous lover boy madly in love with his beloved Radharani and everything is stringed together according to the situation and expressions with the help of some beautiful songs. With his adieu to his dreamy life at Mathura he entered into the real world and that’s where our colourful recital ends.

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