Lockdown Diary

The year is 2020, and the whole world has stopped today in front of a virus and amidst the pandemic, people are solely dependent on the internet from working to talking.

We also did not stop and continued to take online classes but what about the special days? The days which are really special and can’t be ignored? As an answer, we continued to celebrate everything but online. A special day or our festival!! We continued everything and until the situation becomes better, we would be continuing like this. Have a look at the pages of our Lockdown Diary!!

Tagore’s 159th Birth Anniversary Celebration


A journal of memories, concepts and freedom of thought.

6th Sep, 2020

Uday Shankar- Father of modern Indian Dance

There was no Indian ballet, not in a cohesive sense, until Uday Shankar created it. “I take the help of the modern to make others understa

6th Sep, 2020

Dance and its therapy

Dance as a psychotherapeutic tool to help people express their emotions in a way that integrates what they think and what they feel. Through

6th Sep, 2020

Quarantine: A boon or curse

For many days now we are home locked or precisely under “Quarantine”. Due to this fierce situation of COVID-19, the world has be