Video Gallery

A collage of streaming videos of excellent performances by Hitaalians make the milky way of this video gallery more treasured. You can get the array of creations, the scintillating vibes, hard work and, most importantly, a glimpse of aesthetically beautiful choreographed Indian ballet through pure Uday Shankar Dance style in each presentation. Here you can experience the dynamics of a choreographical saga, crafted by Shri Jaydeep Palit, with different modes and impulse of rhythm.


A journal of memories, concepts and freedom of thought.

6th Sep, 2020

Uday Shankar- Father of modern Indian Dance

There was no Indian ballet, not in a cohesive sense, until Uday Shankar created it. “I take the help of the modern to make others understa

6th Sep, 2020

Dance and its therapy

Dance as a psychotherapeutic tool to help people express their emotions in a way that integrates what they think and what they feel. Through

6th Sep, 2020

Quarantine: A boon or curse

For many days now we are home locked or precisely under “Quarantine”. Due to this fierce situation of COVID-19, the world has be