Quarantine: A boon or curse

For many days now we are home locked or precisely under “Quarantine”. Due to this fierce situation of COVID-19, the world has become stagnant. Our fancy lives, luxuries, office going, doing dance shows and every possible outgoing is totally closed down. People staying far away cannot even come back home to meet their family and every person is facing many harsh difficulties. The life of an artist especially a Dancer, an Actor or a Singer gets acknowledged when performing on a stage which is not possible at all for the current situation. Artists are getting demotivated, disturbed as well as their self-esteem level is going down. But is an artist should be like this?

An artist must always have that positive attitude towards their life either in quarantine or standing up in the stage. Artist’s imagination is far behind this negative situation. We are the one who can bring joy, happiness, enthusiasm in this current scenario. As because everything is in our mind, so if we choose to enlighten society even in this dreadful scenario then it is a true reflection of an artist. Quarantine is a boon if we choose it to be and a curse if we don’t.

Dance and its therapy

Dance as a psychotherapeutic tool to help people express their emotions in a way that integrates what they think and what they feel. Through movement, a person can get in touch with, explore, and express their emotions. This helps us release the trauma that’s imprinted in the mind and, as a result, experienced in the body and nervous system. In dance, the basic elements of humanity combine in a natural way. It combines creative act, fine-tuned movement and collaboration. Every child or adulwhosese passing their whole life in the trauma of being in cerebral palsy, dance helped them to fill their hearts with utmost happiness and joy. Dance helped them to enter in a life in which they never felt alone or insecure. Dance heals the inner suffering and sets us free from all kind of negativity.

Uday Shankar- Father of modern Indian Dance

There was no Indian ballet, not in a cohesive sense, until Uday Shankar created it.

“I take the help of the modern to make others understand the ancient. I take the west to the east. I take the modern art of presentation to show the spirit of India. I am a selector of truth, of beauty. Whatever is
beautiful to me is a real art,??? said Uday Shankar, India’s first dancer to take non-classical contemporary Indian dance forms to the West. Through his immense contemporary vision, he gave the idea when dance meets its own reativity. His works are delightful proofs of the existing streams of cultural exchange. Uday Shankar was far ahead of his time. In fact, he was both a genius and a visionary. His creativity towards dance was absolutely charismatic. Uday Shankar’s legacy is a rich and varied mould with creativity. A whole new approach to dance, which was Indian
without being based on any classical style. His achievement was rare and precious. Maestro Uday Shankar gave an exquisite form of dance to the world so that everyone can have the taste of Indian contemporary form.